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The Art of Soda – House-made Artisanal Beverages

We are ecstatic to overcome one of the last major hurdles in fulfilling our mission of increasing our house-made offerings. It is with great pride and accomplishment that we are proud to offer a full lineup of house-made sodas.

Who else took the leap?

Many other soda manufacturers have taken the same approach as us. Oogave, a soda company located in Denver, uses agave as a sweetener and real ingredients to flavor their sodas.  With the success of our Eddyline root-beer, we made the choice to craft the all-natural sodas in our restaurant. Although it is a bit more work for us, we are able to constantly tweak and perfect our recipes with great customer feedback.

All-Natural Sodas

Every soda we produce uses the highest quality whole ingredients including 100% cane sugar, organic essential oils and contains absolutely no preservatives!  



Eddyline Ginger Ale

Packed full with 5 ounces of fresh ginger per gallon, with a bit of lemon zest to freshen things up, and a hint of red pepper to spice things up. This has quickly become our number one seller. We tend to drink it with a fresh squeeze of lime and DeerHammer DownTime whiskey!


Eddyline Citrus

A blend between lemon/lime and orange soda, we use almost a full quart of fresh lemon, lime and orange juice per a 5 gallon batch. Light and refreshing!


Eddyline Cola

The toughest of the bunch!  We have used a recipe developed by the Open Cola folks but added our magic touch. We use 8 organic essential oils, acacia gum, a natural emulsifier from the acacia tree, and house-made caramel coloring.


We had a lot of debate and customer feedback regarding the cola. Our original recipe came out crystal clear with the use of essential oils. Over the first few batches we began testing various ways to color the soda, all while using real ingredients. We found by using our own caramel coloring we not only gave the cola a great color but also a great texture.

Adding Fresh Caramel Color to Simple Syrup for Cola

Seasonal Rotating Tap

This is where we get to let our creativity fly!  Our house-made cream soda has been extremely popular, but we felt it fitting to change it up a bit for the holidays.

From our Kitchen to Yours

Enjoy these hand-crafted drink recipes

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