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Food for Thought! Should Tipping Be Nixed?

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New Industry Trend 

Restaurants across the country are giving their two scents worth when asked if they would forgo tipping in their establishments and move toward a higher base pay or salary positions with benefits. Some restaurants have already adopted the non-tipping model which has lead to increased menu prices, increased employee wages, the addition of employee benefits, however, restaurant owners are making less. 

“We had to make less money as owners and sacrifice some of that, but in the end, it created a better environment and everyone’s happier,” said Oliveria, Co-Owner of Girard Brasserie and Bruncherie. 

Trend setters want to ensure that employees throughout the restaurant are being paid fairly including front and back of house staff and that owners are the ones to pay their staff based on performances and not the customers. They believe this will help with high-turnover within the industry. 

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Why Change a Good Thing?

On the flip side, most establishments and serving staff are hesitant moving towards a non-tip model. Tips offer the potential to earn a lot more than a base pay. A big concern, is that servers will lack motivation and customer service will suffer without the appropriate compensation.

Minimum wage in Colorado is $8.23 per hour and servers make $5.35 as their base pay. At well-established restaurants including Eddyline, most servers make well-over minimum wage in tips and are able to make sufficient income to support their families.

This is not an easy choice for restaurant owners. At Eddyline, we will continue to watch this controversial trend to see what the benefits and disadvantages are. At this time, we will continue to encourage our customers to tip their servers and bartenders fairly. We strongly value our customers and offer any feedback on this topic by emailing us at southmain@eddylinepub.com.

Join the Eddyline Crew!

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Eddyline Restaurant & Brewery are hiring at both locations for Front of House and Back of House. Eddyline Brewery is specifically hiring for Entry-Level Office Assistant/Bookkeeper and Entry-Level Packaging/Cellar positions. 

If you have a strong passion for the food and beer industry, visit our website for our open job positions or send a cover letter and resume tobrian@eddylinepub.com.

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