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Monthly Wine Tastings at Eddyline Restaurant

One of the greatest opportunities of owning a restaurant is the limitless amount and variety of products we have access to. This allows us to try amazing items from across the globe.  However, it’s extremely difficult to decide which offerings we should supply to our customers.

Recently, a distributor brought us a sampling of wines from Australia. As we are sitting there sampling some of Australians finest vinos, the proverbial light bulb went off in our head,”Why aren’t we providing this same experience to our customers?” It’s a great way to taste an array of high-quality wines and spirits from across the world, socialize with friends and neighbors and above all else, have fun!

What to Expect

This is a social event with great people, delicious wine, carefully paired food and your favorite restaurant in town! If you have not been to a wine tastings before, don’t worry we will go over the basics. For those seasoned pros, we ask that you give your wine expertise during the tastings.

Wine Tastings Themes

Our goal is to have our customers help guide us in selecting wines that they would like to have at upcoming Eddyline Restaurant events, featured on our menu and at Little Daisy Liquor in Buena Vista. At each wine tasting, we will choose from one of following themes.

Single Vintner or Region

The first wine tasting on Sunday, December 14 will feature wines from Cousino Macul, a family-owned winery in Chile.

family-owned winery

Mixed Variety

We will mix it up and show a range of different wines from various regions in one wine tasting, that will have your taste buds in a frenzy.

wines at Eddyline Restaurant

Single Variety

An amazing selection of single variety wines from different wineries and regions, will be a great way to compare and contrast wines from around the world. Pictured to the right, is the Malbec grape.

Malbec grapes

Food Pairings

What wine tasting would be complete without food to accompany the flavors? We have many options when it comes to pairing food and wine…complimentary, contrasting or palate cleansing, will have you questioning your taste buds.


Mark your calendars with the
upcoming Monthly Wine Tastings!

Monthly Wine Tastings at Eddyline Restaurant

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