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Eddyline Restaurant @ South Main is dedicated to providing our customers with delicious local whole foods and an exceptional dining experience along the Arkansas River in the beautiful South Main neighborhood. 

Underlying Principles

Eddyline Restaurant at South Main was borne out of the belief that demand existed to supply the highest quality, locally sourced products, cooked over authentic wood fire in a community that is aware and values its local farmers and rangers, is proud of being a small community, and ultimately recognizes and strongly believes that a strong sense of community is critical to the overall well-being of a town’s citizenry.


Eddyline will support the community of Buena Vista in endeavors that it believes benefits all equally and operates in the hope that Eddyline will be the center of social interaction for the community.  A strong sense of community allows citizens to take ownership and pride in their town which creates a feedback loop of building stronger community; the byproduct of this is the effect of feeling welcome and being able to proudly call a town home. Eddyline is proud to call Buena Vista, Colorado its home!

Locally Sourced Ingredients:

In order to be a part of the greater community, it is imperative that Eddyline purchases locally produced products and supports local produces.  This relationship fortifies the economic strength of the community, allows Eddyline to maintain control of its ingredient pathways, and fosters strong ties within the community by raising awareness of the valuable products produced locally.  Eddyline continues to seek out local individuals and companies that locally create products that can be used by the restaurant.


It is important to be charitable to organizations within the community.  Organizations such as Boys and Girls Club, School activities, as well as local fundraising drives for local parks, clean up efforts, and other small but no less significant venues will always be supported to the greatest extent possible.  Eddyline encourages its employees to contribute to the community by being of high character and participating in community activities.