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Eddyline Irish Reuben

Brine your own corned beef to produce the most flavorful corned beef you have ever had!

Take your favorite cut of beef and place in a solution of kosher salt, water, blended celery, and pickling spice.  Allow to brine a minimum of 5 days and up to 8 weeks! Celery contains the highest concentration of nitrates of any vegetable.  The nitrates bond to the oxygen in the red blood cells in the beef not allowing bacteria to grow.  Play with the brine solution to get the right ratios.  Some like it saltier, some like it with more pickling spice.  

When ready, you can slow cook the corned beef in a crock pot, boil in water, or pressure cook it.

Eddyline Reuben
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Eddyline Reuben
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  1. Toast the rye bread. Heat corned beef in a pan with the sauerkraut and swiss cheese. Place on the rye bread and serve!
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